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Hit a Like if you read the book first. However, I realized there is a lot missing that is mentioned in the book that does not appear in the movie. For example, the movie omits some of the characters and scenes. One big missing character in the movie is De Vante. There is just a mention of him at the club but we do not see him getting involved with the king Lords. Also, Starr's stubborn grandma who curses a lot is nowhere in the movie. I won't go through a list of other missing characters but I bet some would have played a very good role. Nevertheless, the movie was still interesting despite all that. I won't forget to mention that Starr Carter has the loveliest and most infectious smile I have ever seen..

laughmailaugh+ I totes agreeeeeeeeee can he be my boyfriend Beautiful Oh by the gods, I need to talk about this SOMEWHERE! I saw book 2 at Barns n Noble and I was just staring at it, almost drooling! I thought: NO! I can't buy this, or it won't feel right without the other. So after mentally crying giving up not getting Thunderhead(Scythe book 2) autographed by the author, I got the Anniversary edition of the Book Thief. (I hope I don't regret it. That autographed book...I really wanted to just steal it).


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All I have to say Is darnnnn Harley you sexy beast!!.


That trailer was really good. The girl who plays Mare is gorgeous.

I read the book it was good now I got to see the movie

Melisa is soooooo creepy

Would NEVER go see a movie with TRAITOR Jane Fonda

my last name is starr and it’s spelled the same way as the main character. when they said the line “i ain’t name you starr by accident” really hit me. this film truly had me in tears..



I though this was the movie trailer , I've been looking for it for years😂😂😂😂😭😭.


So sad!

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Jodie is what makes the book so intresting jaquline wilson best auther ever.

read the first and second book one word to describe them both AWESOME!!!!!!

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She is the perfect America 

Does the characters eyes have to be so terrifying?

MAXON DAAAAA ASPEN IS A, IS A AHHHHHHHHHHHHH IDK IM JUST HAPPY SHE DOESNT END WITH ASPEN.. When a group of tired 😓 actors Come together for no reason Skip it 👎 sorry not ask but is the teacher Elaine from the story of Tracy Beaker? at 0:27 wish fish I will definitely be seeing the movie.





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